Parish Pastoral Council

The parish council is called “pastoral” because of its unique relationship to the pastor, who initiates and establishes the council, who convenes its meetings and presides at them. The pastor seeks the good of his people as he consults with the council. The Parish Pastoral Council looks to the pastoral concerns, not necessarily temporal, or other administrative concerns.


Parish Pastoral Councils provide a way for pastors to consult their people. The Parish Pastoral Council is: “to examine and consider all that relates to pastoral work and to offer practical conclusions on these matters, so that the life and activity of the People of God may be brought into greater conformity with the Gospel.” In this description, we find three tasks assigned to the pastoral council: to examine, to consider and to recommend. They examine, consider and make recommendations after prayer, careful study and open discussion.
Pastoral Council Guidelines, Diocese of Camden

Members of St Teresa of Calcutta Parish Pastoral Council 

  • Joseph Beiershchmitt
  • Ken Bossong
  • Jack Callaghan
  • Frank Somin
  • Loretta Hauber
  • Leo Howitz
  • Mike Keough
  • Kathleen Rauch
  • Hal Schwalm
  • Connie Stuhlemmer
  • Rob Tyrrell