Saint Teresa of Calcutta Parish

Proudly Presents…..Junior and Senior Youth Group

You Ask….What is Youth Group?

It’s an opportunity for kids & young adults in our community to enjoy a wide range of activities with their peers.

Who can be in Youth Group?

Our Junior Youth Group consists of kids in grades 6 thru 8 and our Senior Youth Group consists of kids in grades 9 thru 12.  Youth Group is FREE and open to kids of all faiths. 

When does Youth Group meet?

Normally on Sunday’s from 7pm to 8:30pm, once or twice a month.

Where does Youth Group meet?

The groups meet at McLaughlin Hall.  But, depending on the activity, somewhere else.

What kind of activities does Youth Group do?

Since there are two groups, Junior and Senior, some of the activities may vary.  But groups are involved in church related activities, such as the Gift Giving Tree at Christmas time and Thanksgiving dinner food distribution.  We also discuss topics in our Catholic faith, ways to be active Christians in our daily lives, learn about prayer, play athletic and board games, support run fundraisers, and enjoy food with conversation.  Each spring we go to the Six Flags Youth Rally Day.

What will your child learn from Youth Group?

At Youth Group, our goal is to reinforce the good values and morals you teach your children at home.  Your children will be involved in wholesome activities in a group setting while learning to have high self-esteem and confidence in themselves.  They will learn to respect themselves and others.  And most of all, they will learn what is important in life is not how many video games they have, but rather the wonderful feeling they will get from building relationships with people while being part of a faith community.

Come on out and give Youth Group a try!

Along with our Youth Minister, we have a few volunteers from our parish who wish to spend quality time with the youth of our community!  If you are interested in helping our Youth Group in anyway, please contact the Parish Office.

For more information email or call the Parish Office at (856) 858-0298 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





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