Faith Formation

For Catholics, the invitation to enter more deeply into the mystery of God’s love is an ongoing process, encompassing every age and aspect of a person’s life.  Faith Formation is a lifelong activity!! We can never stop learning about God. Our goal is to empower the development of lifelong learners who have the tools to constantly study and affirm their faith, and who use the gifts and talents God has given them to join in the Church’s mission to be Christ in the world.

Our commitment to lifelong faith formation means that all elements of catechesis work in concert to continue forming the faith of all parishioners. According to the National Directory for Catechesis, the six fundamental tasks of catechesis are: knowledge of the faith, liturgical education, moral formation, teaching to pray, community life, and missionary spirit.

Lifelong faith formation “resounds” the faith given first to the Jewish people chosen by God, then echoed to the first Christians through the Apostles, and is now passed between us, from generation to generation. The goal of lifelong faith formation is to lead people to a mature, adult, faith

A Catholic with mature adult faith is a person who:

  • continues growing in knowledge of faith; is formed by the liturgy – readings, homilies, songs, prayers, community, and especially the Eucharist;
  • makes moral decisions prayerfully and with the teachings of the Church as part of the process of decision making; prays on a regular basis, alone and in community;
  • participates in the life of the community through social activities and/or education activities;
  • Carries out the mission of the church by serving in the local and global communities

Lifelong Faith Formation begins at baptism, continues throughout Elementary and Junior High Catechesis, grows amidst our teen Youth Group and is nourished by Adult Faith Formation.